Buying a house should be a simple process. But when dealing with what is usually the largest asset in most people’s lives, both the seller and the buyer often complicate the process unnecessarily.

When you’re the buyer, you can avoid making costly mistakes by keeping these five tips in mind.

Don’t Hold Out for Perfection

Too often a buyer thinks there’s a ‛perfect’ deal out there, and rejects house after house. You can miss great houses chasing a ‛deal’ and then find yourself under pressure to buy.

Don’t Try to Lower the Price at Closing

Don’t go for the discount at closing – you should get credits for necessary repairs, but the time to cut the price down is when you make the offer – very often, the seller will just walk away.

Don’t be Overly Aggressive with Credits

Getting money back to deal with problems revealed during an inspection is one thing – but being overly aggressive on the assumption that the buyer won’t want to kill the deal is very often a tragic mistake.

Don’t be Your Own Realtor

You think being a Real Estate Agent is easy? Too many buyers think so – and find out to their chagrin that a lot more goes into these transactions than putting cookies in the oven and passing paper across a table.

Don’t Forget the Next Sale

You might think the house you’re buying is your forever home – but what if you change your mind? Don’t buy a house with obvious defects and expect to get top dollar from someone else years down the road. Think like a seller when you’re buying.

Avoiding these mistakes can help ensure your home truly is a dream – and not something you come to regret.

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