Let’s cut straight to the point on this one: buying a home close to a good school makes your home more valuable. Plain and simple. RealtyTrac completed a regional survey in 2015, which concluded that homes that resided close to a high-ranking school, from primary to secondary schools, have an increased 32% value to their non-school district residing schools. This means, on average, these well-located homes have a gain of $74,716 compared to the gain of just $23,311 with its competitors. But if those numbers aren’t enough, here’s a few more reasons why you should consider buying near that A-list primary school, even if you don’t have children.

  1. Residing near a high-scoring high school naturally increases your home equity.
  2. The Return on Investment (ROI) is higher on average.
  3. These homes offer more stable, reliable value than the more volatile numbers offered by their competitors.
  4. Good schools are located near other valuable neighborhood amenities, which only make your home more appealing on the market.

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