Let’s say you’re looking for a new home. It can be by the beach, closer to your job, or maybe a nice countryside cabin. Regardless, you want that new home – when should you start looking? Right now. Why? Let’s break it down.

First things first, if you want to start looking for a home, you need approved financing. This means calling your local lender, and for many people in South Florida, that’s Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc. When you call us, you’d be assigned to a lender who would meet with you to understand the full gravity of your socioeconomic situation in order to find you the best mortgaging loan for you and your family. Once you apply and are approved, for financing, we can connect you to an experienced, local real estate agency that can assist you in looking for the perfect home.

Note that finding the perfect home, that fits your financial, familial, and utility needs takes as many as four to six months, even in the real-estate rich state of Florida. Once you save up your money, get approved for financing, connect to a real-estate agent, find your perfect home, and close on your home-buying journey, it’s likely it would’ve been a year.

So, what time would you want to be in your new home? Next Winter, or in two years time? The choice is all yours.

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